Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey Claps Back At Kenya Moore, “Who Are You And Where Is Your Dermatologist?”

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Reality check at its finest…

Cynthia Bailey Responds To Kenya Moore

Real Housewives of Atlanta reality slore Kenya Moore recently blogged about Cynthia Bailey aT her modeling agency after both judged a JET modeling event where endless shade was thrown.

Well, looks like Cynthia Bailey don’t play that mess…

Via Bravo:

I don’t really know Kenya, but we do have a few friends in common. However, that does not make us friends. A mutual friend connected us, and when we spoke on the phone, Kenya could have not been more kind and gracious. Even though I had heard that she was as crazy as a road lizard, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I pride myself on being the kind of woman that embraces other women and will give anybody a chance. In conversation, I mentioned to her that I had a JET casting coming up, and since she didn’t seem to busy doing anything else, I invited her to come and be a judge. She immediately jumped at the opportunity and could not thank me enough for the invite. Although we spoke on the phone, the JET casting was my first encounter with Kenya face to face. So let me refresh everybody’s memory of some of the things Miss USA had to say:


“I’m not trying to be the mean girl, but why are you here?”


If you are not trying to be the mean girl, then don’t be. Just shut up and judge. That’s the only reason I invited you in the first place. To answer the second part of the question, the girl was at the OPEN CALL because it was exactly that, an OPEN CALL. That means all were welcome to come and try out. Better question? Why were you there, Kenya? I’m sure being such a big public figure, and a top actress/director/producer you had thousands of movie/TV jobs that you could have been working on. And let’s not forget your busy “butt” modeling schedule.


“Is this strip club Jet or regular Jet?”


Is this strip club Kenya or regular Kenya?


“Why is Cynthia so comfortable, this is her agency, people are coming off the street looking a hot ass mess?”


Why are you so comfortable to come into my place of business and act a hot ass mess?


“Couldn’t they stop at Target and get an appropriate swimsuit?”


Couldn’t you have stopped at church and had an exorcism before you came to the audition?


“Who are you and why are you talking to me?”


Who are you and where is your dermatologist?

Well damn. Annnnnnnnnnnd BOOM goes the dynamite! Looks like it might a case of the Talls vs. Talls on this season of RHOA. What do you think of Kenya and Cynthia’s battle of the ex-model banger beef??

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