Thundercats Are Loose

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Some of you may not remember them, but there was once a cartoon called the Thundercats that used to be the sh*t. Apparently some fan decided to make a fake trailer for the would-be motion picture starring Brad Pitt & Vin Diesel. SMH @ that wack @ss Snarf animation.


  • 2DamTrill

    Thunder cats hooooo… that was tha shjit…

  • 2DamTrill

    oh yeah fuk first…

  • RealGenius

    You guys do realize that while impressive, this is just a fake trailer made by a fan, right??

  • Ben

    They don’t read or have long of an attention span to fully realize it’s fake but I loved the trailer

  • Jayrezzy

    Yall crazy for believing this….those are scenes from Troy with Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman scenes from X-Men lol!! Someone put a lot of work into it though


    um,this is NOT REAL.

    as yall can see(i guess not)that the BRAD,VIN,CHEETARA CLIPS are from the RIDDICK MOVIES,PLANET OF THE APES AND FARSCAPE.
    and SNARF is a photoshopped HEALTHCLIFF
    the person that put this 2gether did an EXCELLENT JOB THOUGH ;)
    i remeber back in 2000 i said 2 my mom that vin looks like panthro.
    if they make a TC MOVIE i hope they use him.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney


  • Ameerah

    Gosh you Gossip sites don’t know anything. THAT IS A FAN MADE TRAILER………..

  • DC Guy

    It’s a fake trailer! Get with the program, people.

  • ChocolateKate

    You do know that this is not official. you can tell they photshopped it with clips from X men, TROY and Indiana Jones! But I must say dude did a good job because I was almost fooled. I don’t think Brad and Vin would fit this role. If you google Thundercats, you will see they already tried to remake it with WESLEY SNIPES as the lead but it never made it to the big screen. They said it had too much SEX in it!

  • freetopee

    Fake or real I’m going to have to say that it’s whack…

  • pm

    Panthro was black

  • HF


    This and Voltron was my isht!

  • UndaCova CartoonLuva

    Comcast OnDemand:
    WB….Has First SIX episodes of Original Thundercats – Check it Out.

  • Cannon

    LMAO @ Raxco editing the post after he got GOT with this fake ass trailer. You & the rest of the staff should be asking Santa for some journalistic integrity & smarts for Christmas.

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