Drugs Are Bad M’Kay? PA Man Popped For Stealing Lobsters And Trying To Sell Them To Support His Drug Habit

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Lobsters for loot…

Man Arrested For Stealing Lobsters To Sell Them In Support Of His Drug Habit

A Pennslyvania crackhead man is in police custody after he confessed to stealing a large amount of lobsters from a grocery store and planning to sell them to support his drug habit.

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A Pennsylvania man could spend up to 25 years in prison for stealing lobsters he planned to sell to support his drug habit.

Authorities say 47-year-old Charles Shumanis III repeatedly stole lobsters and meat from Allentown-area supermarkets, including a botched March 1 theft that included a parking lot car-jacking.

Police say Shumanis stole meat and lobsters on two other occasions before he was confronted when he walked out of the store with $350 in lobsters.

A Lehigh County judge on Monday recommended Shumanis serve time at a state prison able to help him deal with his drug and alcohol problems.

Hmmm. 25 years seems a little steep, but more importantly, y’all better not be out here buying loose lobsters from fiends off the street….SMH!

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