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Hate It Or Love It?!?! The Day After Barack’s Re-election, Magazine Runs Offensive, Racist Story Online!

The day after the election, a Chinese ad for Durex brand condoms was run in Ad Age Magazine and it made us wonder if the timing was a lil off for this one?

The story on Ad Age calls the image ‘Risque’ but the question is, should they have run the dayum thing at all?:

In China, Durex Shows Difference Between Obama and Romney
Risque Post on Sina Weibo Blog Uses Innuendo And Photos Of Candidates’ Wives

Condom brand Durex posted a risque bit of post-election analysis in China, using its account on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblog.

The post features a picture of a smiling Michelle Obama holding her two hands widely apart, as if measuring the size of something. In another photo below, a less happy Ann Romney glumly holds up one small finger.

The Mandarin-language caption says it all: “The difference between Obama and Romney is…”


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