For The Fellas (And Some Of You Ladies): XXL Asks Which Of These Bouncy, Brickhouse, Bootylicious Ladies Is “Eye Candy Of The Year”???

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We think this is a topic that both Democrats AND Republicans can decide on…

XXL Eye Candy Of The Year Nominees


The end of the year is approaching and XXL is asking the fellas (and some of you ladies) to put a ballot in one of these ladies’ box (hiyo!) for the title of “Eye Candy Of The Year”. The nominees are Yoncee, Sophia Marie, Blac Chyna, Kyra Chaos, Amber Priddy, Diana “Mizz DR” Escotto, Jennifer Skye.

One of these ladies is the future of America (or least American rap videos), which candidate will YOU vote for???

Images via XXL/Black Men Magazine/Smooth Mag/KING

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