Ho Sit Down: Allen West STILL Refusing Concede FL Congressional Election

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Allen West Still Refusing To Concede Florida Congressional Race

Republicans are still doing everything that they can to get in where they fit in to try and make up for the massive L they took on Tuesday night when their supposed savior from all things Democrat fell embarrassingly short of a White House victory.

GOP goon squad motor mouth Allen West is heading up right-wing struggle efforts in FL, as he is refusing to accept that his democratic rival is the projected Congressional seat winner.

via The Grio

Conservative Republican Rep. Allen West is still fighting for votes two days after Election Day. But now he’s doing it in the courtroom.

West is the tea party-idol from South Florida who found himself 2,456 votes behind Democratic rival Patrick Murphy in Tuesday’s unofficial tally. But he has cited “disturbing irregularities” at the polls and his campaign is due in a West Palm Beach courtroom on Friday to ask that ballots and voting machines be impounded.

West’s contest is among eight House races from coast to coast where The Associated Press has yet to call a winner because the margins are too slender and votes are still being counted.

Dear GOP: Give up, turn it loose. You lost. THE END.

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