Salt-N-Pepa Show Spoilers

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There was a viewing of the first episode of everyone’s favorite 80’s/early 90’s girl rap duo’s new reality show. We hear that Salt admits to being bulimic while in the group, but is okay now. She states she was “tired of throwing up.”

That is very sad, but it’s good to hear that she has overcome that eating disorder. Now all they have to do is admit to those new schnozes they are sportin (especially Pep) and all will be fine.



  • 504okaay


  • Naw Son

    Awww another up chuck artist

  • saucefry

    luv Salt-n-Pepa—they bring back some good memories

  • NoWAY

    LMAO them schnozez sure are remixed. lol

  • NoWAY

    Look at Spinderellas bra strap in the picture. LMAO. I used to like them but looking back they sure were a bunch of chickheads.

  • NoWAY

    I meant chickenheads

  • drew

    damn Pep looks like a Drag queen with her new face and why did salt get a nose job …they both were hot butttt

  • Lele

    They both are some beautiful sistah’s hope the nose job comment isn’t true but then again everybody in Hollywood gets a nose job. Didn’t know Salt used to eat then throw up that’s crazy.. She looks alot better now anyway.

  • Mahogany

    I can’t wait to see their show.!!!

    Salt does look much better now than she did then.

    I guess that’s why her skin always looked pasty.

    Pepa looks like a long lost Jackson w/ that nose.

    They’re still the flyest girl group defunct or not.

  • Traycee

    I’m mad that Pepa looks like Letoya Jackson!

  • kelis

    Salt and Spin are looking great. Pepa on the other hand… always looks like a man to me.

  • NoWAY

    Salt had a nose job back in the day and a new nose job for this are. She used to look like a duck.

  • Who Cares

    No what they really need to do is explain why Spin is being treated worse than a red headed step child. Like it or not Salt, she was a part of the group. To pretend that she wasn’t is just plain ignorant.

  • NoWAY

    ^^^ They said Spins under arms stink worse than Beyonce, and they did not wna to change the name to Salt Pepa and funk so Spins out. Oh well.

  • FiyahCrotch

    Wow, they are wearing way too much makeup now and Salts’ foundation is the wrong color for her skintone!

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