Dirty Dog Diaries: Ex-CIA Chief David “Betray-Us” Petraeus’ SECOND Side-Ho Comes Forth, Claims She Was Threatened By First Messy Military Mistress

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For a CIA agent, Petraeus wasn’t too secretive about his affairs…

David Petraeus’ Second Mistress Jill Kelley Comes Forth

Jill Kelley has been identified as the woman who was threatened in a series of anonymous emails sent by Paula Broadwell, CIA Chief David Petraeus’ mistress.

According to Radaronline:

Those emails so terrified Kelley that she went to the FBI for protection. Kelly lives in Tampa, Florida with her surgeon husband and their three children. She works as an unpaid unpaid social liaison to U.S. Central Command — the military headquarters based at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa that oversees operations in the Middle East, which is where she met Petraeus and his wife Holly.

As RadarOnline.com reported, the agency tracked the emails back to Broadwell, and then stumbled into thousands of messages sent between her and Petraeus. Some of those messages were sexually explicit, including one now famous message that referenced “sex under the desk.”

Broadwell, a married mother of two and U.S. Army vet, met Petraeus in 2006 when she was a researcher at Harvard and he spoke at the University. Her biography, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, came out this February.

It’s unclear when her affair with Petraeus started and ended, but sometime in the months immediately after he became CIA Chief in September, 2011, she apparently decided that Jill Kelley had gotten too close to him.

Her emails to Kelley, an attractive younger brunette, warned “I know what you did,” “back off” and “stay away from my guy,” according to The New York Post source indicating Broadwell believed she was in a love triangle.

Petraeus resigned as CIA Chief on Friday, confessing to his infidelity.

This guy gave no fawks! He took photos with both his side hoes with his wife and kicked it with their husbands, even Bill Clinton wasn’t this bad!

Well they say men in power attract a certain type of woman but ladies, he isn’t all that! We think it will come out that General Betray-us has been cheating on his wife for decades. Wonder what his body count on foreign broads was…


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