Pay Yo Bills: A Locked Up O.J. Simpson Still Owes Over $300K In Back Taxes

Gook luck getting your money…

O.J. Simpson Still Owes Over $300K In Back Taxes

Via TMZ reports:

IN THE YEAR 2000 … O.J. Simpson failed to pay over $300k in taxes to the State of California … this according to a new lien filed against him.

According to docs recently filed by the State of CA Franchise Tax Board … Simpson — who is currently rotting away in a Nevada prison for Robbery — still owes $318,566.04 in unpaid taxes from the Millennium.

TMZ broke the story … O.J. is knee deep in financial trouble — he has a federal lien filed against him for the years 2007-2010, for $179,435.07. Not to mention he still owes MILLIONS to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman … for causing their death.

Time for the state of California to start garnishing OJ prison earnings.

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