Lauryn Hill Goes In On Wyclef For Putting Their Business Out In The Streets -“It’s Called The High Road, Try Taking it Sometimes” [Video]

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Lauryn Hill Addresses Wyclef Rumors During Concert In Dallas

Hip-hop industry veteran turned speedo sporting savage Wyclef must have struck a nerve when he put his former fellow Fugees bandmate Lauryn Hill on blast alleging a past relationship and claiming that she lied to him about her son Zion being his baby.

Lauryn recently took the stage at a concert in Dallas, TX and addressed all of the “chatter” going around about her.

“Be careful how you judge. There’s a lotta deception out there…a lot of misunderstanding out there….a lot of miscommunication out there. A lot of false information out there. And know this, after all the people who just talk, talk, talk..who’s the silent one? (points to herself).

And Let me tell you why I don’t chat back. Because I know that my brothers and my sisters are often times pawns in a bigger scheme so when they, under pressure, attack me, I love them still. It’s called the high road. Try taking it sometimes.”

Peep Lauryn’s entire rant in the video below and she which side of the story you believe.


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