You Mad? Solange Salty That TSA Made Her Peel Off Her Afro Wig To Search For Contraband

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Bet TSA not pattin’ down these weavy wonders like this…

Solange Knowles Upset TSA Searched Her Afro Wig

On her way through the airport yesterday, Bey-Bey’s baby sister Solange had an encounter with “the airport Nazis” or as the federal government refers to them, TSA. As Soli went through security, she was humiliated when she was asked to take off her afro wig so that it could undergo a thorough examination.

When the embittered singer took to Twitter to air her grievances, hilarity ensued

Hit the flipper to see what Solange’s fans thought might have been residing in her hair piece.

Sidebar: For those that don’t have iPhones, the “boxes” you see are laughing face emoticons that don’t show up on web Twitter

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