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Rihanna and her little dog were spotted in NYC again. It seems like she’s had that little dog for just a week and we’re already sick of seeing it.

Was it really that chilly in NYC yesterday? Why is this broad rockin pleather tights, patent leather boots, a leather jacket, a hat and a scarf? Last time we checked, it wasn’t that cold yet.



  • http://www.oursay.net Jay

    Somebody else has a sweater on.

  • Linda


  • Hammy2u

    I wonder what the puppy’s name is?

    I don’t think those pants are the best thing for her.

  • http://www.oursay.net Jay


  • Linda

    Darn my MAC is too slow but what is RiRi wearing



  • justme

    she looks ok, not to sure about the pants though but what ever! she must have a lot of free time!cuz all she been doin is walkin around with that damn dog!shouldnt she be in the studio improving those vocal skill???? hey im just sayin!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, leave Rhi Rhi alone, and I’m loving that dog. Hmmm, I think after my 19 year old cat kicks the bucket, I’m gonna get a cute small dog.

  • me

    She is from Barbados where the temperature isuaully over 88F so of course she is cold! Its October!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    me, you got that right!! I was in Barbados two weeks ago visiting family and it was sweltering. Got back here and I swear it almost felt like winter…well not quite, but it was cool and refreshing. Anyway, who gives a damn what she’s wearing, as long as she’s comfortable…*shrugging*

  • Creole Princess

    Though I am not a fan of Rhi,I can feel her on that one since she’s used to hot weather. Every year I go to NY for the Labor Day carnival, and I be freezing my ass my off. I been in S.FL since I was 3 so I am used to hot weather, 60 degrees here is considered cold where in other states it’s considered “nice weather.”

  • SW10

    Hammy2u the puppy’s name is oliver/ DJ.

    usually feel her style but not feelin wat she is wearing 2day.

  • John

    I like her. I like the pants too.


    This is so funny, here it is she is suppose to be a so called singer and the only press she gets is about what she wears and what she carries in her arms, how pathetic can you get..

    This is why you never read articles about Rihanna sang and danced her heart out last night at such and such concert. Quit calling the photogs and call the singing instructors and put the same effort on her vocals as you are putting on her/your image.

  • Kierah

    It was in the 60s yesterday here – Rhi was dressed appropriately.

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