Ho Sit Down: Judge Denies Super Salty GOP Goon Allen West’s Request For A Recount In Florida

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Somebody get this dude a seat….

Judge Denies Allen West Florida Recount Request

Some people just do not know when to take their soggy, deflated, defeated ball and go the hell home…

via CBS News

A St. Lucie County judge in Florida on Friday ruled against Rep. Allen West’s request for a recount of all early votes cast in his district, denying the one-term Republican’s latest cry for a do-over in the election he officially lost last week.

West, a conservative firebrand and hero within the Tea Party, had filed legal complaints even before his loss was certified Saturday, suggesting foul play from St. Lucie County Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker – a Democrat – in particular.

He has not yet conceded. According to the Associated Press, West trails Democrat Patrick Murphy, who declared victory last week and is in Washington for freshman orientation, by 1,900 votes – outside the margin for an automatic recount.

How do you STILL not concede after you’ve tried every desperate trick in the book and still come out with an L?

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