These Chicks Never Miss An Event

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Angela and Vanessa Simmons hit up the In Touch 5th Anniversary Party at Tenjune in NYC.  Good to see Angela supporting her uncle with the blood diamond bracelets.

More pics from that event:



  • Mr. First


  • DEEDY F.



    Angela is a DYME her sister is Ok looking.

  • cogic man

    I am a little slow what is HIT?

  • Seghana

    cogic man…does that stand for the church u go to

  • Duche Bag Boy

    I wonder if they have pretty feet?

  • yes

    they sho dont miss nothin! i dont think i like that black hair on angela but i do like her dress, but not that bra underneath, sumthin aint right about it

  • Vanessa is very pretty!!!

    I think she is fine (She is a banger to me)

    Pretty skin, eyes, hair and the body is banging!

    She could get it all day!

    Angela is cute (nice body)


    Angela is so pretty…and I’m glad she didn’t lose all that weight she wanted to…can’t wait for the new season of Run’s House with Diggy trying to get at Ja-Rule’s daughter LMAO

  • Eye

    Those 2 girls are hip hop royalty. I just wish they would change up their hair game. They need some curls or braids or twists or just a banging cut. I have so much respect for these 2 women. Of course they should be everywere. They are reppin’ real women to the fullest. Kudos to their mom for raising grounded, thoughtful, respectable ladies. I hope they never get into any trouble and embarrass their parents. Can’t wait to see Run’s house.

  • G-Roc

    I love Angela and Vanessa is pretyy too, but I’ll take Angela anyday. Angela Smith, now that has a nice ring ;)

  • ko

    they cute but they both look like Rev Run

  • Oreo Cookie Willie

    Ooh lookie! It’s Run PMS.

  • AND...

    Hey you guys ever notice how it’s usually the white girls that are wild n’ out and getting put in jail or rehab.( Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, Nicole Richie) I am so glad to see two very beautiful and intelligent young women in the public eye but not acting a fool. Take that Bill O’Reilly. LOL.

  • FiyahCrotch

    Question, Ladies what kind of underwear do you wear under those real short tunic babydoll dresses? I want to wear one but I know I can’t let all my goodies show w/a thong and I thing Granny panties would show as well…Help Me out!

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