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Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am recently had an interview with King Magazine where he discusses hot broads, groupies, and his fashion sense:

Will.i.am: I just like ‘em short. I like em so I can spoon em in the bed. So, I can snuggle. I don’t like long a*s legs. Like, what the f*ck?

King: I’m guessing you won’t be climbing any models

Will.i.am: Hell No. They skinny. They legs [are] all lanky and sh*t. F*ckin, taking up the f*ckin blankets and sh*t. They f*ckin’ taking up the bed. Nah, homie.

King: The blankets are important

Will.i.am: I just like real shorties. They packin.

King:What do you say to people who call you the fake Wyclef?

Will.i.am: We look alike but our music is totally different. He doesn’t dress like me. If people say sh*t, they’re gonna say sh*t. Dudes…that’s some sh*t ni**as say. Dudes say that sh*t. I’m not worried bout what dudes are saying.

King: We can be rough, at times. Where’s the sense in your fashion sense? Do you just wake up every morning and say I’m gonna dress as weird as I can?

Will.i.am: Oooh yeah ni**a let me put on this clown outfit. Yo, f*ck that sh*t, f*ck you Ronald Mc Donald. I’m taking offense to your questions, now.

King: That’s not a personal foul, more like a technical one

Will.i.am: When you do an interview, do you ask the stupidest questions or do you like relate ‘em to music?

King: Well, a good question is a bad question. Is your style not weird, or is it me?

Will.i.am: Um, I travel a lot

King: You’re more cultured than me. I accept that. Maybe you’re ahead of us.

Will.i.am: It has nothing to do with about being ahead or behind. It’s just expression. I like to express myself in music. I like to express myself in fashion. I don’t like looking like everybody. I’m not a Gap dude. I’m not gonna wear a gap t shirt. I’m not gonna walk around looking like everybody in our streets. I don’t…I don’t feel comfortable wearing the same ‘drobe that the masses walk around wearing thinking that’s it cool. I like to express how I wanna look. Can I get some applause? Can motherf*ckers make some noise. Individuality, motherf*ckers.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

*Thanks Rodney

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