Why, Britney, Why?

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She makes waaaay too much paper for her hair to look like that, SMH.

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  • whatever

    maybe she don’t wanna spend all her money on hair care.

  • whatever

    no i’m first

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    why does her head look like a BABY DOLL’s “scalp”?

    Damn fusion hair extensions . . .

  • Anonymous3

    Britney still makes plenty of paper…even for someone who hasn’t worked in a while….the problem is those individual, ghetto hair pieces….her natural hair has got to be longer than a buzz cut so why not rock it???? what she has now just looks plain crazy..thus adding to her crazy persona

  • ihatedumbpeople


    she never fails to give u a crapy/dirtry/country/broke/girlsgonewild look, never.

  • it's me

    LOL! Her head really does look like one of those half-way bald baby doll scalps. She has way to much money in bank to let her hair look like that. Just looking at that rat’s nest on her head is making me itch.

  • Royal


  • 4Josiah

    LMAO @ “ThatTouchOfPink”

  • http://www.myspace.com/MOTHERSHIP100 MOTHERSHIP

    WTF??? It does look like some damned baby doll hair! I know damn well she ain’t callin’ herself havin braids or locks near her scalp! Tell me it ain’t so. This chick needs a damned straight jacket!!

  • http://yahoo.com MARISSA J

    she is a str8 up mess, she is a good candidate for you black men to mess with, then you will really see a hot trailer trash mess.


    Are those micro braids?

  • NAIS

    she has her hair fused and its a very shoddy job. Her hair is longer but she should’ve focused on making it thicker too.

  • ko

    Britney looks like doo doo for real. Let this be a lesson kids, don’t do drugs.


    Brittney is a nut. She is too trailer park!!!

  • http://musicplustv.com NAWIRI

    Is she rockin Micro’s?

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