Struggle Grammar: More People Whose Tweets Make Them Look Dumb As Hell

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Celebrities With Embarrassing Tweets

Here’s the thing about Twitter: there isn’t a publicist to make sure the tweets aren’t crocks of s***. Most of the time the tweets are harmless but some people’s tweets are pure grammar struggle that make us wonder when the hell they ever went to school.

Let’s look at the most grammatically challenged tweets we’ve ever seen.

Mary J. Blige – She’s always spelling something wrong…even the First Lady’s name.

Donald Trump – His grammar is actually okay, but he’s just an idiot.

Lindsay Lohan – Maybe it was the coke talking.

Ashanti – WTF?

Tyra Banks – That’s probably not a real word.

jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson – Chillbumps though?

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy – Every tweet is unadulterated grammar struggle.

Chief Keef –He’s 17 so maybe he should take his a$$ back to school because it looks like Mayan scrolls on his timeline.

Lil Reese – He’s Chief Keef’s homie and of course his twitter account is all grammar struggle too. SMH.

French Montana

French Montana – He once asked his audience to vote for him for “Brake Threw” artist on MTV. Brake. Threw.

Let it marinate.


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