Athletes & Hoes: James Harden Paid Tricked Off $20,000 For Becky Booty Model Jenna Shea To “Hang Out”!!

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Say it loud, I’m a ho and I’m PROUD! SMMFH…

James Harden Spent $20,000 To Hang Out With Model Jenna Shea

Via BlackSportsOnline

Athlete’s might be popular, rich, and good looking, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t lame as FAWK! The latest professional trick on the rise is bearded baller James Harden. Apparently, Harden spent $20,000 to bask in the company Becky a$$-vixen Jenna Shea. For those unaware (we know you hoes are well-versed in ball player contracts), James just signed a 5-year, $80 million contract with the Houston Rockets. Being that Jenna is from H-Town, we’re sure that there will be plenty more tricking where this came from.

As most thirst-bucket hoes do, Jenna hopped on Twitter to brag and revel in her new found riches while flexin’ on “b!tc#es who be hatin'”

Somebody sit James Harden down and make him watch ESPN’s “Broke” 10 times in a row.

Hit the flip to read more of Jenna’s duck tales.


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