Oliver Martinez Bruised Face And Swollen Hand After Catching Fade With Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy): Footage Of Before & After Brawl Gabriele Arrested [Video]

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Well, at least she’s not with those violent black men anymore, right Halle?

According to TMZ, Aubry showed up on Berry’s doorstep with their 4-year-old daughter, Nahla, for a custodial hand-off and flipped out when her fiancé, actor Olivier Martinez, made the comment, “We have to move on.”
Aubry allegedly pushed Martinez and threw a punch at his face, striking him in the shoulder, TMZ reported.
Martinez, 46, fought back, and the struggle ended with Aubry pinned to the ground, an unidentified source told TMZ

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She did say we black men are violent… yet these two white boys catch fade right in front of the lil girl and the baby’s father is pinned on the ground and beaten up?

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No ratchet hood mess going on there. Guess Oliver said “A Head Cracking Is Not Popping This Time” like in Unfaithful. SMH

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