Twitter Files: Chris Brown SPAZZES On Female Comedian, Calls Her “B!t*h”, Threatens To Fart & Isht In Her Mouth!!

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The Chronicles of Breezy Struggle continues…

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Vulgar Argument With Female Comedian

Chris Brown has done it again. Just when we asked if “Breezy backlash” would ever end, he throws another log on his own fire.

Yesterday, Chris had an epic Twitter meltdown after a comedy writer by the name of Jenny Johnson replied/retweeted randomly (and sarcastically) to one of his Tweets.

Not sure what made this lady just jump into Chris’ mentions, and why she follows him if she hates him so much, but we digress. Here was Breezy’s response.


Here is Jenny Johnson, the woman Chris “affectionately” calls “Bush Pig”

After his eThuggin, Chris deleted his Twitter account (for the 50-leventh time) and there is no word as to whether or not he will be back (we suspect he will, he can’t go too long without some attention sloring).

Check out the gang of vulgar tweets that Breezy hurled at Jenny after the jump, him was very angry LOL SMH


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