Pay Yo Bills: Struggle-Baller Warren Sapp Begs Judge To Decrease $2500 Monthly Child Support Payments

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Warren Sapp claims he’s beyond broke…

Warren Sapp Asks For Child Support Payment Decrease

Via TMZ reports:

Ex-NFL star Warren Sapp is desperate to lower his child support payments … even though he struck a deal with one of his baby mamas to NEVER change the amount — of course, that was before he went broke.

Sapp filed legal docs in Florida, requesting his child-support to Angela Sanders be decreased from $2,500 per month … because he’s fallen on hard financial times since retiring from the NFL, a.k.a. he went bankrupt.

Problem is, back in 2001 — when Sapp was a Tampa Bay Buccaneers cash-making superstar — he and Sanders added a clause to their child support agreement that said … neither party could “seek modification” based on changes in income.

Presumably, Sapp was trying to protect his millions.

Sanders tells TMZ she’s “frustrated” by Sapp’s request … because she was fine sticking to the $2,500 a month while his pockets were getting fatter — so it’s unfair for him to lower it now.

According to the docs, Sapp is also trying to modify child-support payments for his 4 other baby mamas.

A judge has yet to rule.

Wow, he got 5 different women pregnant and is paying child support for all of them? Warren should have used a condom. That’s a lot of money coming out of your pockets every month for the next 18 years.

Get your life together Warren and pay yo damn bills!


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