Racism Across The Pond: British Police Officer Says…”All Black People Look Like Monkeys And Live In Mud Huts”

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kevin hughes racist UK policer officer

This shady son of a beyotch just looks like his lips spew out racist remarks allll day long!

According to International Business Times:

A police officer has appeared before magistrates in London for telling a colleague that black people “look like moneys”. PC Costas Dakoutros said that PC Kevin Hughes, of Brentwood, Essex, made the comments while they were on patrol after seeing three black men standing on the pavement.

Prosecutor Kate Wilkinson told Westminster magistrates court how Hughes turned to Dakoutros and said: “Look at them, they look like f*****g monkeys.”

She said: “PC Dakoutros looked shocked and said ‘You can’t say that’.”

Hughes replied: “No, but it’s true.”

Wilkinson continued: “He began to deliberate that they [black people] were closely related to chimpanzees and then said they were more closely related to Neanderthals.” Another colleague, who was also in the car at the time, is alleged to have heard Hughes say: “Black people hadn’t evolved and lived in mud huts in Africa.” Following the shift, Dakoutros wrote an email to himself detailing events, which read: “Kevin looked at three IC3 (black) males and stated they looked like monkeys.”

Hughes denied the charge and said he was commenting on the way one man was walking.

Wilkinson said: “[Hughes] said he didn’t recall seeing three black males but said he saw someone with a certain gait who walked like a monkey and he had said to PC Dakoutros something about a monkey.”

Word??? Just imagine what kind of isht they’ve said that was not heard.

And y’all thought it was bad here in the U.S. SMH.

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