Barack The Magic What???

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The controversy of “Barack The Magic Negro” is back:

To the issues that divide the Republican Party, there comes one more. Some Republicans find humor in the song “Barack the Magic Negro.” Some most definitely do not. The debate was joined last week after a candidate for party chairman from Tennessee, Chip Saltsman, distributed the parody, which was broadcast on the Rush Limbaugh radio show last year and questions President-elect Barack Obama’s racial authenticity.

Speaking to The Hill newspaper on Friday, Mr. Saltsman, a longtime Republican operative, described it as a “light-hearted” gift that would be received in “good humor” by members of the Republican National Committee. In a party that had big losses this year among minority voters, not everyone took it that way. “I am shocked and appalled,” Mike Duncan, the current party chairman, said in a statement released Saturday. Mr. Duncan is competing for a second term against Mr. Saltsman and four others. “This is so inappropriate that it should disqualify any Republican National Committee candidate who would use it,” Newt Gingrich, a Republican former House speaker, said in an e-mail message. Referring to Mr. Obama, Mr. Gingrich said, “There are no grounds for demeaning him or for using racist descriptions.”

A racially insensitive Republican, what a surprise. SMH



  • tay

    LOL @ REPUBS still hatin on the man!

  • ms thang

    This is a complete disgrace. This is why blacks should NEVER vote Republican. The GOP is a racist, right wing, fundamentalist, hate group.





  • Proud ArmyWifee

    It dont matter what these white people think or feel, bcuz when we had a problem with bush he said “I dont care if you like me or not, I am still your president” Well eat those words republicans becuz Obama is still going to be your president!

  • The_Truth

    ***Look at all the other stories and see how they treat black celebrities BESIDES Obama. . .what makes Obama so different??

    HIS INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY IS BEING EXPLOITED TO REACH “The Black Community”. . .what other black political figure do they speak highly of??

    -C’mon, now. . .wakeup.

  • She'naenae

    and y is there only 6 comments here and like 300+ for posts titled “beyonce…” …that’s a shame…no one wants to read anything, they just wanna see the pictures i guess lol

  • Margo

    Drinking deeply from the Hateraide.

  • DDub

    @ ms thang
    I agree that a good portion of Republicans are vile but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote for them. The problem is, we’ve become a monolithic voting block that Republicans feel they don’t need to appease because they never get our votes. We have to support the best candidate. Period. We also have to infiltrate that party putting more blacks in prominent positions in the RNC and party. Then we can help curb some of the racist policy and attitudes that constantly emanating from their side.

  • Ms Julips (52 City Farewell Tour)

    What is really sad is that this kind of characterization of educated, well spoken Blacks by other Blacks is all too common. As I grew up in a predominately white school and after I finished college, I sometimes had to deflect statements by other (neighborhood) Blacks who voiced that I sounded white. To this very day, I am sometimes characterized as too proper or white sounding.

    Even though it bothered me when I was younger, I could care less when somoeone makes that kind of remark now, because I know that education and communication skills are highly valued commodities in todays world.

    It makes me sad to know that kids today face the same kind of scutiny from some of their peers and are accused of trying to act white if they attempt to excel academically. It goes without saying that some kids will unfortunately allow this kind of criticism to prevent them from doing the best that they csn in their educational pursuits….just because misery insisted on having company.

  • ThatBKChick

    I totally disagree. I honestly think that it is time for a new party, an Independent party. Although I voted Obama/Democrat, I still do not like the fact (or maybe I should) that Obama had to defend all of the racist issues stemming from the Clintons, and the G.O.P. during the election, which really made me start to think twice about the Democratic party and our future with them. It’s no secret for years the Dems have taken the black vote and blacks for granted.

    The G.O.P. on the other hand, ever since the Civil War have been against blacks when the “Dixie-Crats’ started to turn to the Republican Party. Historically, it was the “Dixie-Crats” who were some of the staunch racist in the deep south.

    We honestly need to start listening to Progressive Talk Radio, so that we can drive Rush Limbaugh (a noted racist) off the air. I remember when I was stationed in Utah, when Tupac was murdered (I had just left Vegas hours after her was murdered). I was driving home, and I heard Rush Limbaugh stating how he was glad that another gangsta rapper was dead…I had to pull off the road and call that phat white bastard and cursed him out on the air…..Ever since the Republicans basically killed the Fairness Doctrine (which states that if you are politicizing political elections, etc, you must fairly have equal time to all parties: Green Party, Independents, Dems and G.O.P. ). This was thrown out of the window along with other civil liberties that I hope the Progressive House reverses and changes once we can take back the Senate. (Pray for Minnesota Al Franken People)

    Please listen to Progressive Radio and lets change the media movement for Progressives so that we can drive sick bastards that do things like this off the air and out of power!!! . Air America and Jones Radio Network, Rhandi Rhodes Show, Rachael Maddow Show (comes on radio as well as t.v.), Tom Hartman Show (a independent constitutional scholar) and others….

    As Spike said…..”WAKE UP”!!!!!!

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Everybody Sing!

    I have no idea why they thought this would be funny? Ignorance is bliss RNC…that’s why you idiots lost, not really. Its an insult…not really, when I hear White people speaking the ‘Ebonics’ dialect as if that is the only thing their simple racist cromagnum neanthedral scabies fleas and lice can understand.

    I’m sooo over the two party system, especially after this last election.

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Add: Chicken Pox behind the word, “fleas.”

  • always knew

    This will NEVER end. No matter what….

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Neither the Dems or the Republicans have our interest at heart. If the Republicans want to be the racist right party, let them have it. If the Dems want to ride the fence and govern from the middle, let them. However, if we aren’t satisfied with neither party, then we need to stop voting for them, and either start a new party or go independent. I’m down for a Black Party myself, because our votes are ALWAYS the ones taken for granted by both the Dems and the Republicans.

    As far as this stupid “Barack the Magic Negroe” thing, I say let the Republicans continue with their racist antics, because the more they do it, the more they look like rednecks stuck in the 1950’s. Fox News is where I go to get my comedy relief beause they are so ignorant. Let them die their slow death.

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