Mini MiMi on the Way??

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Mimi & Nick in Aspen

Word is, during their Aspen vacay MiMi let it be known that she really is knocked up:

Mariah Carey is definitely pregnant, according to sources on St. Barts, where the zaftig songbird just arrived from Aspen. We reported Dec. 9 that Carey had emerged from a well-known ob/gyn’s office on North Crescent Boulevard in LA, “clutching what looked like a sonogram and being greeted by her entourage with cheers.” Now we’re hearing Carey, who married Nick Cannon in the Bahamas earlier this year, tipped off her expectant state when she cut down her strenuous fitness regimen.

Awww. The counterfeit couple may have a legitimate baby. If this is true,it’s gonna be quite amusing to watch ole MiMi blow up like the Goodyear Blimp over the next several months.

Mimi & Nick in Aspen 2Nick Cannon in AspenMimi & Nick in Aspen 3Mimi & Nick in Aspen 4



  • OH LAWDY!!!!


  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    Again??? That will be one crazy assed child!!!


    i hate when these tramps wont just say if they preggo or not, i do not think she will look good pregnant.

  • Re


  • Re

    I hope she won’t pass down the spandex tradition, should this be true…

  • Ermy Erm (Chitown til it go DOWN, even though its cold as FUGGIES outside!)

    Awwwww….i thought her tummy looked a lil plump but I ain know for sho. LMAO @ the mental pic of Nick bein a daddy

  • Vee (its Bossladee if u nasty)

    Morning Peeps. I think Mariah went a lil crazy with the fur on the sleeves and such…

  • Ermy Erm (Chitown til it go DOWN, even though its cold as FUGGIES outside!)

    Chello Vee :)

    Howdy do Oh Lawdy! :)

  • Re


    Does it conjure up thoughts of a poodle?

  • MissDee

    Congrats to them, but please let it be a boy! We don’t need another Mimi! lol

  • pm

    good for them..

  • jazi

    She’s looking plump in this pic right here..Congrats to them!

  • donnachang

    i hate mariahs tipy toe walkn ass…

  • Vee (its Bossladee if u nasty)

    Hey Re, Ermy Erm, Oh Lawdy and errrrrbody else.
    To answer your ? Re, it does look like a poodle; with all that fur down the mid of the jacket and at the sleeves. Now that I think about it, that jacket looks like it was inherited from Liberace.

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    ermy erm what up mama!!!!

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