Future Investments: Bangers Who Will Probably Still Be Bangers When They’re In Their 40s

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Women Who Will Still Be Hot At 40

Here’s the thing about cosmetic surgery and dolling yourself up to make it big: those looks don’t last. Take for instance, someone like Lil Kim. As soon they hit a certain age their faces fall apart and their waistlines expand. But some women have what it takes to still be bangers into their 40s.

We believe and we hope against hope that these women will still be bangers when they’re in their 40s. Take a look and see if you agree.

Evelyn Lozada at the Beach wearing a two piece pink top bathing suit with a wrap. Miami Beach, Florida - 09.04.12

Evelyn Lozada – She’s in her 30s and doesn’t look to be slowing down. She has to keep up with that banging daughter of hers.

Beyonce – She’s still got a solid 10 years before she gets 40 so so much can go wrong. But we think she can keep it together.

Paula Patton – She’s in her 30s too and goodness greatness she’s the hottest banger in Hollywood.

Melanie 'Mel B' Brown swims and relaxes by the pool at the Park Hyatt with her daughters Angel and Madison in Sydney, Australia.

Mel B – She’s got the best abs around and will still have them in a few years at 40.

Lauren London Surreal4Real charity event

Lauren London – Who cares what her body will look like, as long as she keeps that wonderful smile.

Amber Rose – Call it a hunch, but we think she’s be fine in 10 years.

Tika Sumpter – What can we say? Black don’t crack.

Elle Varner

Elle Varner – Eff you guys, she’ll always be hot.


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