Mega Millions, Mega Shmillions: Celebrities Worth More Than The $500 Million Jackpot

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Celebrities Worth More Than The Mega Millions

As we all know, the Powerball jackpot has reached an enormous $550 million. That's half-a-billion bucks for those of you not mathematically inclined. That means if you win you'll be richer than all of your favorite celebrities. Well, most of them. There are still quite a few celebrities that are worth more than the $550 million. Just take a look and wonder if they're scratching off lottery tickets.
magic Magic Johnson - $550 Million
mj Michael Jordan - $500 Million (close enough
Jay-Z and Beyonce - $800 Million
Oprah - $2.7 Billion
Diddy - $500 Million
Donald Trump Considering Presidential Bid As Third Party Candidate Donald Trump - $2.9 Billion
Howard Stern - $500 Million
A Lil Positivity: Carmelo Anthony, Will And Jada Smith Named Most Charitable Celebs. Find Out Who Else Made The List! Jerry Seinfeld - $800 Million

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