Good Use: What Should These Celebrities Spend The Money On If They Won The Mega Millions?

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What These Celebrities Could Use Mega Millions On

As we all know, the Mega Millions drawing was yesterday and the tickets have been claimed. But there's still a chance one of these celebrities can cash in using their own millions. And how glorious would it be for them to live out their dreams? But just what are these dreams? We did some research and think we've determined exactly how these people would like to spend their hard-earned cash. Because clearly they can't afford these things as it is.
Plies - A lifetime supply of Red Lobster cheddar biscuits he can take home so he won't have to take his shirt off in public to enjoy them.
Chris Brown - The best PR person in the world because clearly he needs one.
Gucci Mane - A tattoo removal. He could get that ice cream off his face.
Rick Ross - A treadmill because seriously, Rosay. Geez.
Drake - An E-Harmony profile that'll get him a woman because his heart hurts so.
Joe Budden - Some counseling because this man needs to toughen up. He sensitive as hell.
Nas - Enough to pay all the child support he'll ever need because Kelis is sucking him dry.
Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey - A mediator. They're messing up each others money with all this drama.
Mitt Romney - Maybe he can buy 47 percent of the vote like he thought Obama did.
LeBron James - Some Rogaine for the rest of his life. That hairline is gone with the wind, kid.

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