Un-Hide Ya Kids: Woman Popped For Posting Nekkid Pics Of Her Daughter On Facebook

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And the mother of the year award goes to…

Woman Accused Of Posting Bare Bodied Pics Of Her Daughter On Facebook

An Indiana woman will have to face her day in court after she allegedly posted photos of her teenage daughter in her “birthday suit” on Facebook.

via USA Today

A woman is accused of deliberately posting a bare-bodied photo of her teenage daughter on the girl’s Facebook page.

The girl’s face, “boobs” and genitals were clearly visible, investigators said.

The mother, Lynda A. Rusk, 50, was charged Wednesday in Tippecanoe Circuit Court here with child exploitation, a Class C felony, and possession of child p*****raphy, a Class D felony.

“We wanted to make sure to do everything we could for this young lady,” Pinkard said of the victim, who is younger than 18. “A major concern was you never know who saw the photo. Anyone could have saved it or took a screenshot.

“Once something is posted online, it’s out there forever,” he said.

This poor child. It’s bad enough to have strangers leak personal photos but your own mother? Just a mess.

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