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Halle Berry Pregnant Swag

Halle Berry was spotted checking out a new home in Tribeca, looking super chic in her maternity get up. Wonder where her K-Fraud is….she’s been photographed a bunch of times recently and he has been no where in sight. Deadbeat already? Go ahead, start making up excuses for poor little Gabriel.


  • Ms. Sugar walls



  • Ms. Sugar walls

    I have to admit, She does look nice! She is a stylist pregnant chick! OK! NEXTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  • Not You

    Maybe Gabriel is working. He should be.

    Or maybe if they have broken up, Halle kicked him to the curb. Maybe she used him for sperm like Madonna did with her first babydaddy.

    Or maybe I don’t care. It’s Friday. I’m bored and drowsy. C’mon 5:00!!



  • Roberto

    That’s one stylish pregnant woman!!! and she an Gabriel arent attached at the hip..that doesnt mean they’re not together

  • 4Josiah

    Wasn’t this posted like 3 or 4 days ago???

  • La. Finest

    She look cute.

  • Linda

    I likes the look!!

  • essie

    Gabriel is WORKING!! Unlike K-Fed, Gabriel is a working model who earns a couple million a year. He is NOT living off Halle. I really wish you would stop comparing him to that loser K-Fed. It’s not fair to Gabriel or to Halle. In fact, Halle is lucky to have him, especially at her age. Gabriel could have had any woman he wanted, even one of those super rich models out there. So, leave him alone and just try to be happy for Halle. I know it’s hard for you but give it a try.

  • Moreaces

    Why are you calling dude K-Fraud, He has a job, and is doing quite well for himself. He may not have AS many coins as HB, but he aint no Kevin

  • essie

    Oh, and P.S.: Halle looks amazing!!

  • Trini Chica in BK

    How the hell do any of you know where and what Gabriel is doing. Just a thought…HMMM

    You all sound crazy making up these insane stories. The ruth is that no of us know! DAHHHH

  • Moreaces


    I agree 100 percent, I am happy for both of them.

  • nahnah

    that boy is very shady to me, and only time will tell. if he’s not cheating on her now, he will be very soon.

    as if a 30 years old male model is going to stick around with a woman approaching 50.

    this is the entertainment business for god’s sake.

    if married folks don’t stay together, what makes you think they will? and most (if not all) men in the industry cheat, what are we expecting from that queen looking male model?

    btw: a man making millions a year does not need help from a woman to start a restaurant.

  • Baby Please

    @ nah nah

    Is she approacing 50? I thought she was like, 41.

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