Getting That Work: The 10 Easiest Cities To Find A Job In America

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Easiest Cities To Find A Job

Despite how awesome Obama is, we still have tons of people that need jobs out there. The unemployment rate is better but we're still circling around the toilet bowl looking for jobs and struggling to pull it together. However, there's a glimmer of hope. The good folks at Forbes have managed to find the 10 cities that are the easiest to find jobs.
0x600 Denver, Co - 30 Listings
0x600-1 Atlanta, GA - 31 Listings
0x600-2 Seattle, WA - 35 Job Listings
0x600-3 Baltimore, MD - 44 Job Listings
0x600-4 Hartford, Conn - 45 Job Listings
0x600-5 San Francisco, CA - 46 Job Listings
0x600-6 Boston, MA - 49 Job Listings
0x600-7 Raleigh, NC - 50 job Listings
0x600-8 Washington, DC - 72 Job Listings
0x600-9 San Jose, CA - 96 Job Listings

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