Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Notables From Forbes List Of The 25 Highest Paid Musicians In 2012!

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jay-z-money Did your favorite rapper/singer fill up the bank with Benajamins this year???

Forbes List Of 25 Highest Paid Musicians In 2012

It must be nice to record music, perform for millions of adoring fans, and get paid racks on racks on racks while you're doing it. As the year is ending, Forbes takes a look at 2012 and calculates who is the king (or queen) of the cash when it comes to musicians. We know that household names like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Diddy, usually end up on these types of list, but where do they land in comparison to their peers like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Adele? Hit the flipper to find out...
Dr-Dre-beats #1 Dr. Dre $110 million
elton_john #3 Elton John $80 million
Britney-Spears-britney-spears-24888139-1600-1200 #7 Britney Spears $50 million
taylorswift65-430x250 #8 Taylor Swift $57 million
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 11.12.19 AM #10 Justin Bieber #55 million
RihRih #12 Rihanna $53 million
lady-gaga-tour-1 #12 Rihanna $53 Million
Diddy-at-a-basketball-game-countint-money #15 Diddy $45 million
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 11.15.28 AM #18 Beyonce $40 million
jay-z-money #20 Jay-Z $38 million
adele-pic-2_1806943b #22 Adele $35 million
Kanye stuntin #22 Kanye West $35 million
sade-ebony-shoot-thumb-473xauto-6430 #25 Sade $33 million

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