Repeat Offenders: Married Celebs Who Got Caught Creepin’ And Still Didn’t Learn

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Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada Wedding

Married Celebrities Who Had Affairs And Didn't Learn

Monogamy isn't for everyone, yet some people still choose to get married and take their chances, hoping that their spouse will hit them with a healthy dose of act right. But when Hollyweird couples make the move to matrimonydom and then get caught sideline swervin' with someone who isn't their spouse, having the whole world find out can be nothing short of humiliating. But that didn't stop these celebs. They got caught cheating and still continued to do the most.
halle-berry-men-eric-benet-e1302612790708 Eric Bennet He reportedly had a sex addition that destroyed their marriage.  Unfortunately it wasn't Halle he was addicted to, it was dozens of other women that he had multiple affairs with.
Christina-Milian-The-DreamThe Dream He left his first wife Nivea with three kids before dirty-dogging C-Mili for his assistant while they were still married.
NYFW celebs sightings 2 110911 LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian They got caught creepin' while she still had a husband and he still had a wife and children at home.  But it didn't end  there....they got married!
Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada Wedding Chad Ochocino All types of women started to surface after Evelyn divorced him, claiming that he was gettin it in on the side the entire 41 days that they were married.
fanny-twaun1Fantasia She's not married but he is.....and still was when she got knocked up with his child. He cheated with multiple women while married to his wife.  His alleged affair with Madonna was reportedly the last straw and she divorced him.
swizz-alicia-mashonda Swizz Beatz He had a baby by another woman overseas while he was still married to Mashonda and then flaunted a full-fledged public relationship with Alicia Keys years before their divorce was finalized.
Tiger Elin2Tiger Woods Not 1, not 2, not 3.....well, you get the point. And the list went on for days....smh
shaq_wifeShaq He allegedy cheated on Shaunie multiple times before she finally called it quits.  Speaking of which....
gilbert-laura-e1293634744678 Laura Govan (this one is a bonus since she's not actually married) She allegedly got it in with Shaq while he was still married to Shaunie and she was engaged to Gilbert Arenas.  And then she went on to star in Shaunie's reality show. Messy messy.
kobe-bryant-and-vanessaKobe Bryant He got put on blast over a cheating scandal that almost ended his marriage and then tried his hand at some Olympian snow cakes earlier this summer, although she shut him down.

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