Criminal Minds: Man Robs A Bank Less Than One Hour After Being Released From Jail

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Man Robs Bank Immediately Following Release From Jail

While some people turn their lives around completely after spending a night or longer in jail, there are also those who will forever be “bout that life.”

via Huffington Post

Christopher Franklin Weaver, 33, had been released from the Lane County Jail for only 55 minutes before being arrested for allegedly robbing a bank in Eugene, Oregon, ABC News reports.

Weaver had been booked into the jail on Wednesday, KVAL reports, for parole violation stemming from a sex abuse charge and failing to appear on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

He was released when the county was forced to free 32 inmates due to budget restraints.

Weaver walked out the door of the prison at about 11 a.m. on Thursday, headed to a bank a mile away, and immediately robbed it, police say.

He is now back in jail.

Guess “the allure of breaking the law was far too much for him to ever ignore…”

Image via Shutterstock/Lane County Jail

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