Shook Ones: Shots Fired At Pilar Sanders’ Divorce Attorney Pete Schulte Office Window!

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Pilar Pete

Was “someone” trying to take Pete out?!?!?

Pilar Sanders’ Divorce Lawyer’s Office Shot At

Via Fox 4

An attorney working inside a Dallas high-rise said someone fired shot at the building Friday afternoon.

Defense Attorney Pete Schulte said what appears to be a bullet shattered the window of his sixth floor office inside the CBS Radio building on Highway 75 and Fitzhugh Avenue.

Fortunately the double-pane glass stopped it and no one was hurt. But Schulte said if the bullet would have gone through his window it likely would have hit him in the head while he was sitting at his desk.

“The way that the trajectory of the bullet, coming from the way it was coming from, if it had hit the second pane, I was sitting in the chair here, it definitely would have struck some part of me from where I was sitting”

He called 911 to report the incident at about 3:15 p.m. and said police got there more than an hour later.

He hopes the gunfire was random. Police are still investigating.

A second bullet may have also hit the window for the KRLD radio promotions office on the fifth floor.

Daaaaaamn, “someone” wants ol’ boy OUTTA here! Let us find out that…nevermind.

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