Bossip’s Who To Watch in 09′: A Preview

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Idris Alba, Taraji P. Henson, Malcolm Gladwell, and John McWhorter all made the list. Find out more under the hood

Idris Alba

His acting game is on point and it his developing sex symbol status doesn’t hurt. Expect Idris to start competing for some higher profile roles in 09′.

Taraji  P. Henson

Taraji  had a breakout performance in “Benjamin Button” starring Brad Pitt, expect her to be on the Hollywood radar next year.

John McWhorter

As more people start questioning the priority we put on racism as a barrier, the works and thinking of John McWhorter may change the perception among some who view  him as a “sellout” scholar.

Malcolm Gladwell

With his new book “Outliers” where he explains the DNA of success, Malcolm Gladwell is planting his intellectual flag on the world at a fast pace.

We would like everyone to jump in here and select a “reader’s choice” and we will rollout an expanded “Who To Watch” list with more celebrities, thinkers, and artists on New Year’s Eve.

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