Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Denies Getting Chopped Down By Phaedra’s Husband Apollo But Calls Him “Fine As Hell!”

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Did Kenya Moore hook up with Apollo?

Kenya Moore Denies Hooking Up With Phaedra Park’s Husband Apollo

On last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, crazy Kenya Moore attention slored her way into cast-mate’s Phaedra Park’s hubby’s heart. Kenya flirted all night with Apollo right in front of Phaedra and her own date Walter.

Although, the potential homewreckin’ ho raised a couple eyebrows during the incident; she claims it was all innocent…

Via Bravo Blogs:

“I’m obviously meeting with Apollo and Phaedra to discuss working on a workout video. I’m a very honest and vocal person and don’t consider complimenting Apollo on his physique flirting and certainly meant no harm or disrespect. Naturally, fitness and physique play a role in our potential upcoming venture. All present knew that it was not flirting. Phaedra had no issues with my compliments or jokes nor did my guy. And who flirts with their mate present if they were up to no good? Really, who does that? It was lighthearted and harmless people. It is still my opinion that Apollo is fine and Phaedra is a lucky woman but that is Phaedra’s husband. And I’m not interested in her husband or anyone else’s husband. Enough said.

Do you believe Kenya’s intentions were pure or was she trying to seduce Apollo with her bad skin and Ms. USA crown?

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