Bitter Much? Celebrities Who Dissed Their Exes After Breaking Up

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Celebrities Who Trashed Exes

We're sure you have been keeping up with the whole Rita Ora/Rob Kardashian drama as of late. Basically Rob allegedly called Rita a slorebag who slept with every dude she came across. Basically she had a full football team in her end zone. But this isn't the first time a celebrity has called an ex a slore-y slutslice.
kim kardashian reggie bush Reggie Bush - When Kim left him, he said he was disappointed by her sloring around with Yeezy and any other sets of guys around.
Kanye West and Amber Rose Kanye West - He made a whole song about Amby chopping down random dudes on his album. That gave her a bad rap.
Kanye+West++Amber+Rose Amber Rose - She said Kanye was cheating on her with Kimmy Cakes and loved her the whole time.
Wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Kris Humphries - He thought Kim did him so dirty that he sued her for it. That's serious.
heidi seal Seal - He said Heidi Klum was sleeping with her bodyguard during their relationship but that may not have been true.
nas Nas - He went in on Carmen as someone that dirty dogged him behind his back, especially with Jay-Z.
tameka first look Tameka Raymond - She's maintained that Ursh was sleeping around behind her back. No bueno.
hulk hogan wife Linda Hogan - She said Hulk was chopping down other wrestlers. Well that's disturbing.

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