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Amerie performed in the UK yesterday.Someone needs to tell Amerie crotch game while performing was in last year.

Fill in The Blank: These pictures prove Amerie is ___________________.



  • L Boogie

    …on her way to effing for tracks!!


  • ayo

    half asian. flat @ss!!!

  • Is You Tweaking?

    ….trying too hard.

  • shh

    going to try her hardest to be remember by being a low rent Beyonce,Rihanna, and Ashanti wrapped in one

  • DM

    So right. The Asian flat butt is not working.

  • Mo'Ree

    ….is an entertainer!

  • Mactanque
  • ria


  • Denise

    … hot!

    For everyone here who think she can’t sing live watch this:

    After watching this, what do you think??

    Amerie doesn’t need to try hard because she can easily do what she does. She’s way more talented than any Rihanna or Ashanti on this planet.



  • glamgirlceo

    a Rhiananna biter biter biter, eh eh

  • Doom

    These pictures prove Amerie is who she is! She’s having fun on stage and sounds great live! That’s why we love her!

  • Sreeta

    …a cutie!!

  • im_unique

    A fly azz diva. She is so beautiful and who cares if she don’t have a pretty brown round. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t blessed with everything. Hell some get azz while others get tits!!! So what!!! She got the looks and I’m sure the ones calling her out are lacking the facial beauty.

  • John

    Stop hating on the girl!!! This picture made my blood pressure go up!!

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