Behind The Scenes: 20 Photos That Prove That Barack Obama Is A Good Guy And A Really Cool President

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7743234824_6de63d014f_z Regardless of your politics, how can you not love this guy?!

Behind The Scenes White House Photos Of Barack Obama

Barack Obama is our President, a scholar, a champion of the people, but more than anything, he's a regular guy that likes to have a little fun just like the rest of us. Hit the flip to see some of the funniest moments caught behind-the-scenes in the life of the 44th President of The United States of America. Images via The White House/Pete Souza
8247653137_7cac0d8bdc_z Barry O is for the kids.
8227356947_80ee2e3396_z "What the hell DO you have under there Sway?"
8077965420_e11f856d6c_z Hey now...
8078825656_260c65a385_z The POTUS watching his V-POTUS rip Paul Ryan a new one...while flying on Air Force a boss.
8248705592_da2c417ec9_z Does Barry O ring your bell?
8228428532_5fae0b5819_z "Whaddaya MEAN you didn't chop Fergie down?!?"
8077971985_ce43abf7f2_z "When's the last time a large white man gripped you lovingly in his arms?"
8228427950_0909830822_z President Obama grippin' the wheel of former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' Chevy Volt around the South Lawn Drive at the White House.
8000541978_0e833a73f4_z "No little white boy baller scores a basket in house of Obama!"
8000541969_045bd32d64_z "Beer buyin' Barry", that's what we used to called him in college.
8010306510_4621d6d802_z 8-year-old Make-A-Wish child Janiya Penny couldn't believe that she was actually in the White House with Barack Obama.
8209617620_6a60ea90e9_z His leather so soft in the Oval Office with the Oregon State Men's Basketball team.
8227358077_44e0faf881_z "Wait, your wife let you DO that?!?"

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