How Bad is the Recession on Black People?

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The recession has made the “D” a very cold place to call home for many African Americans. Black auto workers are searching for new methods of income with the employment statistics being as tragic as they are:

DETROIT — Since millions of African-Americans began leaving Southern farms for Northern factories nearly a century ago in what is still known as the Great Migration, the destinies of many of them have been entwined with the auto industry’s. The car companies were hardly multiracial utopias, but they, especially Ford, employed blacks when many industries would not. Through the decades, the automakers and their higher wage scales provided a route to the middle class for many blacks, especially those with limited education, and their children. Now, with Detroit reeling, many blacks find their economic well-being threatened. By last month, nearly 20,000 African-American auto workers had lost jobs, a 13.9 percent decline in employment, since the recession began last December, according to government jobs data analyzed by the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal Washington research firm. That compares with a 4.4 percent decline for all.

All of us need to hope and pray for the sisters/brothers in Detroit to hold on. With that being said, only one man in history has been able to turn water into wine, and boy, do we ever need him to take the wheel right about now…



  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Hannibal


  • Ms Christine

    Hanni baby, you need to read more into this. Bush started this disaster and Mr. Obama is left holding the broom. Check it out!!!

  • BlackLadyDoctor

    *Invest in stock for organic food clothing*

  • Hannibal



  • Proud ArmyWifee

    Yes we need to seek Jesus and ask him for help matthew 6:33

  • PhillyGrownWoman

    somebody better take the wheel

  • Ele

    The economic issues in this country is NOT a black or white thing. We all are suffering.

  • iluvprada

    @ Hannibal…ye have little faith!

  • GrownWomen

    Seriously guys- we are ALLLLL in a bad place right now. The recession has hit everyone not just African Americans. Lets me serious here. Get over it.

  • Raquel26

    Our government and those affiliates who are beneath them will continue to make decisions (w/o the taxpayers consent nor input) based on what will look good for them. We are used as pawns in this game and the more and more we cry and dont do anything about it, the more they will cut jobs, cut health care, cut hours, cut wages, etc…

    It’s all to help out the bigger picture.

    Which doesnt include us.

  • Raquel26

    @Ele: Treu, its not a black and white thing, but white men have caused this economy to downslide because of their greediness as well as lending money to people who couldnt afford to pay it back.

    Why should I have to help pay because you decided to approve a loan for 200,000 and the person’s salary was only 60,000? Thats not my fault.

    But I agree that we are ALL suffering from this.

    It’s definitely turning into the HAVES and the NAVE NOTS.

  • tia

    what is star jones doing in the front of that line?

  • iluvprada

    CO-Sign!…everyone is suffering!

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