Out Of Pocket: 3 Chubby-Lumpkin Ladies Insulted When They Find That Waiter Wrote “Fat Girls” On Their Dinner Bill!

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BIG mistake buddy…

Diners Call “Fat Girl” On Their Restaurant Bill

Via Huffington Post

When three friends finished their meal at a California restaurant, they did not expect to be insulted on the bill.

That is exactly what happened to Christine Duran, Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles when they visited Chilly D’s Sports Lounge, part of the Cameo Club Casino, in Stockton, Calif., according to ABC affiliate News 10. When the three diners got their check they saw “fat girls” written on their bill.

“I got the bill, and I was like, why does the receipt say, ‘fat girls?'” Duran told News 10. At first, her friends didn’t even believe her. “[Huerta] was like, ‘You’re lying,’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m serious. Look at it.’ She was like, ‘fat girls?'”

Fat Girls

When their server returned, the three girls questioned him about the “fat girls” label, but the waiter denied any wrongdoing, according to News 10. He said an employee named “Jeff,” whose name appears on the receipt, must have typed “fat girls” into the system to keep track of their bill.

A manager went over to explain the “fat girls” check, but he “had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh,” Duran told ABC News. Instead of clearing all charges, he offered a discount of 25 percent and then a discount of 50 percent, but the women rejected the offers.

What the hell is going on at these shady businesses nowadays?! We have seen several instances of employees caught writing extremely insulting things on people’s receipts (check this, this, and this)

Peep the video of the women talking about the incident below.

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