Pacquiao-ing! Celebrities Who Got Knocked The Hell Out!

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Knocked Out Celebrities

This weekend was full of lulz and memes as we all cracked jokes at Manny Pacquiao getting knocked the eff out in front of millions of people. But he's not the first celebrity to get embarrassingly clocked and laid out for the world to see. These celebrities got knocked the hell out and we either saw it or heard the tale.
manny-pacquiao-ko-photoshops-19 Manny Pacquiao - Let's start with him. This knockout was unreal. No, Hulk Hogan didn't do it but this pic is hilarious.
suge-knight-knocked-out-e1270052583433 Suge Knight - He got clocked and laid out for all the TMZ cameras to capture. So much for that hardcore image, Suge.
shia-labeouf-fight Shia LaBeouf - He got clocked in a drunken fight outside of a bar. He looks all confused.
mase Mase - Though we didn't have any footage of this, we do know that Ghostface or one of his friends knocked him out and had his jaw wired.
yung berg Yung Berg - He got his chain stolen every damn week and was punched in the jaw every damn time.
ja rule Ja Rule - Word on the street is one of 50 Cent's goons jacked him back when their feud was popping.
110495-chris_brown_drake_potw_617_409 Drake - Rumor had it that before the whole bottle throwing thing, Breezy cold-cocked Drake and left him laying in front of a bunch of people.
michael jackson tribute 3 081011 Jamie Foxx - On the set of Any Given Sunday, Jamie got clocked by LL Cool J. At least he was a good sport about it.
joe budden Joe Budden - He was doing a web video then Raekwon bust into his room and his goons gave him a two piece and a buttery biscuit. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

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