Google Me Baby: The Top Ten Most Web-Searched Terms Of 2012

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Google Who or what do you think was the most sought after Google search of the year??

Google Releases The Top Ten Searched Terms Of The Year

Google has done their homework and unveiled the list of the top internet searches of 2012. Millions of people log on the internet everyday looking for information, pictures, news articles, and videos of everything from celebrities, to TV shows, to technology advances. Take a look at the list after the flip, you might be surprised at what you see...
big_brother_brasil #10 Big Brother Brazil
MCD #9 Michael Clarke Duncan (R.I.P.)
AmandaTodd #8 Amanda Todd
London-Olympics-2012-Wallpaper-568x355 #7 2012 Olympics in London
Olympics Day 13 - Synchronised Swimming #6 Kate Middleton
Diablo 3 #5 Diablo III
ipad3 #4 iPad 3
Gangnam Style #2 Psy's "Gangnam Style"
Whity_Houston_11.jpg #1 Whitney Houston

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