Is Nick Cannon Hittin’ Miss USA?

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Damn, this dude moves fast. Nerdy Nick Cannon, who just broke off the publicity driven engagement with big head model Selita Ebanks, has been spotted getting cozy with Miss USA Rachel Smith (who was linked to Mr. Babywipes Terrence Howard recently).

We’re starting to notice a trend in Nick’s dating for publicity game. He’s probably pushing his new little pageant meat around bragging, “Yeah, I’m bangin’ a beauty queen now.” SMH.



  • hmm

    I see prettier girls everyday on my ay to work. But I guess she comes with a great status label.

  • NAIS


  • Bahama Mama

    man who ain’t he hittin according to yall?

  • me

    i thought he was with the chick from jlo’s movie? i think people are just jumping to conclusions when they see this dude around any chick. that being said, if this is true, what does this dude say to these chicks to pull them? he’s not too bad on the eyes but he definitely comes off a little corny. ah well he’s not trying to get at me so God speed to him

  • ibelieve

    he’s gay…really

  • chooky

    nick gets all the nice one!!!!!!!!

  • The Real Essence 1

    Who Cares?!

  • Dr. Heather

    He’s extra corny..

  • dee

    This girl is a dime straight off the bat. All you’ll fat girls in here need to step your game up, for real, for real!!!

  • Shasta

    Ole Mista say ‘Who gives a dayum?’ She can get a job on the railroad, ‘sweeping out the caboose’.

  • Not You

    He better be careful. If her auditions and what not don’t produce anything, she’ll be looking to become a professional babymama. Mark my words.

  • DDub

    All I can say is that he got great taste in women.

  • Mactanque
  • Bronx Brawler

    Nick should smash if the opportunity comes.

  • hiscrack

    There’s another rumor that said Yankee Derek Jeter was trying to hit on this too. I guess he and Nick both like any woman that’s high profile to keep the gay rumors down.

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