Caught Coupled Up! K. Michelle Spotted Kissin And Clubbin With Her Baller Boo JR Smith

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Looks like JR still has his hands full with K. Michelle after all

K. Michelle Seen Kissing JR Smith In The Club

Remember how K. Michelle has been going on and on and on in recent interviews about how her ex baller-boo JR Smith was the best she’s had and how she wanted him back and blah blah blah?

Well, it must have worked.

Not sure if it was the singing to him on a live radio show that did it or just the fact that she so publicly professed her thirst love, but he seems to have walked right back into her arms for sure.


The big-bootied R&B ratchet and her NBA boo-thang were spotted at Kiss and Fly in NYC getting their love in club on following the Knicks victory over the Lakers earlier this week.  Guess that whole Tahiry thing must have blown over.

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