Rumor Control: Jovan Belcher’s Mother Puts Paternity Questions To Rest “Zoey Is Jovan’s Baby And My Grandbaby, I Never Had Any Doubt”

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Phew, well that’s a relief. Jovan Belcher’s mom ain’t with all the reckless rumors about her grandbaby’s paternity and claims reporters went rogue with a recent report that her son fought his child’s mother because he had doubts about whether he fathered her child.

Via NY Daily News reports:

Jovan Belcher’s mother angrily denied a report that claimed she told investigators that her son had argued with his girlfriend about the paternity of their baby before he shot her dead and killed himself.

“It’s a lie. It’s all a lie,” Cheryl Shepherd told the Daily News on Friday. “That’s my grandbaby and it was wrong for them to put that out there. That is Jovan’s baby and it is my grandbaby.”

The New York Post, citing an unnamed law-enforcement source and an anonymous Kansas City Chiefs insider, reported that Shepherd told authorities that the couple had argued over the paternity of 3-month old Zoey on the morning of Dec. 1. That would have been right before the Chiefs linebacker shot Kasandra Perkins, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium, where he shot and killed himself in front of the team’s general manager, head coach and an assistant coach.

Shepherd, from West Babylon, L.I., was at Belcher’s Kansas City home when Perkins was shot, and made a desperate 911 call in an attempt to save her.

She told The News there was never an argument about the identity of the child’s biological father.

“I never said that,” she said. “You are hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Zoey is Jovan’s baby and my grandbaby. I have never had any doubt.”

A Kansas City Police Department spokesman said the lead investigator in the case had not uncovered any information that corroborated the report.

“We haven’t had anyone give us that information,” Darin Snapp, the KCPD public information officer, told The News. “I talked to the lead detective on the case, and he hasn’t received any information of that nature. It might be true, but none of the witnesses or people we have talked to have provided that information. I can’t confirm that (report).”

Snapp added that the case file had been turned over to a prosecutor’s office, and that if any paternity issue surfaced, it would be handled as a civil matter.

Shepherd has maintained custody of Zoey, although Perkins’ family — the 22-year-old Kasandra was from Texas — indicated in a statement that it would be involved in the girl’s upbringing.

An open-casket wake for Belcher was held in Dix Hills, L.I., on Tuesday, and a funeral was held on Wednesday at the Upper Room Christian World Center.

Belcher was a star player at West Babylon High School and attended the University of Maine before playing for the Chiefs.

“I’m not going to say anymore, but I want you to put this out there: That baby is Jovan’s baby. That baby is my grandbaby,” Shepherd said.

You tell ’em mama!


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