Fill in The Blank: Kim at the KUWTK Premiere

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The very virgin-looking Kim Kardashian hit up an event in Hollyweird last night and also hosted the premiere of her new reality show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ last week.

Star NFL running back, Reggie Bush, is still with Kim Kardashian because_______________________.



  • thatgirl



    He has blue balls

  • thatgirl

    He’s with her because she is a stank ho.


    Naw he did good yesterday against the Seattle Seahawks. She may be a hoe but you cant change the fact that she is A true DYME!!!

  • Apple

    I knew this post was coming..

  • Bahama Mama

    Star NFL running back, Reggie Bush, is not playing well this season because_______________________.

    Second year drought?? ohhhh ohhh ohhh, are suppose to crack on kim k???

  • iforgotmyname

    Star NFL running back, Reggie Bush, is still with Kim Kardashian because “she gave him the HIV”

  • elle

    because ………..his team sucks!!

  • Zara

    she looks dirty.

  • alicyclic

    he hits it as hard as he wants

  • duhh

    ….because used goods are cheaper than new goods.

  • mermaid

    because her milkshake brings “ALL” the boys to the yard.

  • Traycee

    well, she IS pretty….even though it’s all fake

  • me

    cause she is bootyful….

  • yeah I said It

    What’s HOT about looking like a man in drag person, who just walk off the set of gang bang # 12

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