Brave Or Disappointing? More Actors Who Played Slaves In Their Careers

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django-unchained-jamie-foxx Did these actors hurt or help their careers by playing slaves?

Actors Who Portrayed Slaves

Jamie Foxx is getting a lot of mixed reaction for his upcoming portrayal of Django - a slave on a quest for revenge and his wife. Some have even said that portraying a slave is a step back for Foxx, who already has an Oscar under his belt. Maybe that's why Will Smith opted not to take the role. But is it so bad? Here are some other actors who portrayed slaves. Did it hurt their careers?
queen-halle-berry-450ms081209 Halle Berry - Queen -
morganfreemanglory Morgan Freeman - Glory
image4_1209814461 Louis Gossett Jr. - Roots
Maya-Angelou-0-410x315 Maya Angelou - Roots
galley_slaves Charlton Heston - Ben-Hur
pittman5a Cecily Tyson - The Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman
amistad Djimon Hounsou - Amistad
main-levar-burton-roots Levar Burton - Roots
denzel-glory Denzel Washington - Glory

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