People Ain’t Isht: Baltimore Ravens Baller Ray Rice Gets Angry Tweets From Fantasy Football Nerds For Saying Newtown Shootings Affected His Play

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Some of youse muhfuggas are savages…SMH

Ray Rice Fights With Twitter Followers Over Newtown Shooting Comments

Sunday, The Baltimmore Ravens took the field with heavy hearts (as most teams did) to square off against the Denver Broncos. After losing the game 34-17, running back Ray Rice hopped on his Twitter to express how the tragedy in Newtown, CT was constantly on his mind.


Unfortunately, Ray’s tweet led to a gang of Fantasy Football azzholes flooding his timeline with hate-tweets about how he had “blamed” the Ravens loss on the school shooting.

SMH tweet

Guys like this, they are high-ranking douchebag leaders, not to be tested or reckoned with.

Then you’ve got guys like these…



The world is in a sad place, especially on Twitter.

Hit the flip to see Ray’s response to the hate.

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