Who Are My Ratchet Reality Star Parents?

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Can you guess the proud parents of this preciousness?

Who Are My Parents?

This darling little diva belongs to not one, but two reality star parents who stay doing the most.

Her mother rose to reality ratchet fame recently on one of the most talked about shows to hit the small screen this year. She used to pride herself on doing what’s right for the sake of her family even if it meant standing by a dirty dog babydaddy with little respect for their relationship, but now she’s finally kicked him to the curb.

The father of this chubby-cheeked little princess was well-known behind the scenes in the music industry before hitting the reality tv circuit, but has since taken his 15 minutes of on-camera fame and used it to flaunt fawkery any chance he gets.

Getting any ideas yet?

Here’s one more hint: The mother is close friends with another babymama who never quite made it down the aisle but can relate all too well to having a child by a high profile industry man.

See if you’ve figured it out yet with right answer on page 2…

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